How To Get Free Gadgets

You want to get free gadgets? A Free Apple Iphone or a Free Ipod? How about a free digital camera or a free macbook air? Would you be happy if I told you that there’s a way to get all those gadgets and many more for free? Of course you would! You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!

There is a way to get all the free gadgets you want and all you have to do is sign up to a site, tick the box next to the gadgets you would like and they’ll send them to you free of charge! That’s all there is to it! It’s easy, it’s quick and best of all, It’s free! Let me show you how me and millions of other people are getting all the free gadgets we can handle….

Are you getting that “it’s too good to be true feeling yet”? No? I’ll continue then…

All you have to do is complete 3 simple steps.

Simple step 1 – Register an account with

Simple step 2 – Sign up to any one of the “free” offers on their website.

Simple step 3 – Get some of your friends or family to register an account using the unique code you were given and ask them to sign up to an offer aswell.

In return will send you any free gadget you want from their list of gadgets they’re giving away.

It’s that simple! So what you waiting for? Go to and register and more importantly sign up to an offer! You’d be a fool not to! Make sure you do it through my link above though!


If you’re not starting to question this wonderful and amazing offer yet, then I suspect you went to a special school as a child! Think about it for a minute. If it was so easy wouldn’t everyone and they’re dog be getting free gadgets? Nobody would be paying for anything if that was the case!

The internet is full of sites saying “get this for free” and “get that for free” but they don’t tell you the full story! They’ll give you a link to click and only then when you’re on the merchants website will you realise that things aren’t as easy they appeared only a few minutes before.


Answer, you don’t!

You either:-

1 – Pay for them (that doesn’t make them free)

2 – Hope someone gives you one as a present (It does happen, but not often!)

3 – Steal one (Don’t do that!)

4 – Earn your free gadgets (Much more to it than just signing up to a free offer!)

Let’s go over those options in more detail shall we.

1 – Pay for them. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s the way 99% of people get their gadgets!

2 – Hope someone gives you one as a present. This only really works when you’ve got a birthday coming up. It might work for Christmas too. Just drop plenty of hints and hope for the best.

3 – Steal one. If you’re considering stealing a gadget from someone then you deserve the fine and possible jail time you’ll get if you get caught! Don’t do it!

4 – Earn your free gadgets. Apart from paying for them this is the best way to get what you want! It involves a lot of time, effort and some money but won’t cost anywhere near the price of a new Iphone!

The only purpose of these “get things for free” websites is to get you to click on a link that the owner of the website provides. If you click on the link and follow through to register and sign up for an offer you become one of his referrals and move him one step closer to getting an Iphone or digital camera or whatever! The sad part is that soon you’ll realise it isn’t easy to do at all and give up before you even start!


This is the big question. Is it worth investing a small amount of money and potentially a lot of time in getting free gadgets? I don’t know! That’s up to you to decide! The premise behind  these websites is genuine. There are company’s on the Internet that will give you gadgets and gifts in return for sending them referrals. The hard part is finding referrals.

  • Pranav Shyam

    I’m in India. I need a gadget for my education.Frankly i need some device just capable of opening .PDF files and browsing the web.
    I’ve joined Coaching Classes for purposes of training to Engineering  Entrance Exams.But the problenm is that they CONDUCT online tests every 3 weeks and put the solutions to our course-ware on their website. I’ve no internet connection in my home (my parents think that I’ll loose focus and more importantly its expensive). So I’ll have to walk 1-1.5 km to a cyber-center whenever I’m in middle of a problem and i don’t get the right answer. Also when i’m taking tests at there i cant concentrate due the noise and disturbance there. I tried Freebiejeebies but they are unavailable in India. Also they ask for credit card info and i don’t have one… Can you help me in anyway. Please suggest something…